WIN at LTC 100

LTC 100 is a place to step away from the daily grind for an experience that supports not only learning and relationship-building, but also overall wellness, personal nutrition and environmental stewardship. We guarantee your LTC 100 experience will be Warm, Individualized and “Nirvana.”

White Glove Customer Service

We genuinely care about your success at LTC 100, and our priority is delivering an experience that is tailored to you with attention to detail, convenience, and elegance.

All-Inclusive Attendance

Your attendee fee covers all education, recreation, conference materials, meals and receptions – everything except lodging and incidental personal expenses.

Jewish Religious Accommodations

Enjoy elegant kosher catering at all meals (for both executive and spouse guests). Davening locations are also available, as are prayer services.


We are committed to integrating sustainability and environmental responsibility throughout LTC 100:

  • Green Foods
    We have replaced some meat with vegetables on our menus, as well as reduced our overall beef consumption. Eating green foods is both personally and environmentally healthy – one of the simplest ways to meaningfully reduce our individual carbon footprint.
  • One Tree Planted
    Through an organization called One Tree Planted, we are planting eight trees for every attendee, including spouses. Eight mature trees will absorb about 1% of an individual’s annual carbon footprint plus increase clean air, protect biodiversity and beautify the planet.​​​​​
  • Reduced Paper Waste
    We’ve eliminated as much paper-based and printed materials as possible at all stages of LTC 100 – pre-conference, during and post. 
  • We’re excited to host LTC 100 at the Grand America resort who shares and supports our sustainability commitments.