Unequalled Access to the Top Tier of the SNF Market

LTC 100 serves the top segment of U.S. skilled nursing providers, delivering 30% of the entire SNF market to our partners at one conference. LTC 100 is a highly leveraged way to meet, influence, and sell to large providers.

Meaningful Relationship-Building

Our goal is to help our partners substantially grow your skilled nursing market share by deepening your relationships with C-level executives of large providers. You will interact meaningfully with provider executives via a rich tapestry of relationship-building experiences over three days.

Powerful Positioning

LTC 100 partners are positioned as peers, respected advisors, and the foremost solution partners to leading skilled nursing providers. Your positioning is enhanced by extremely limited competition in your product or service category.

Limited Partnerships Available

LTC 100 selects a small group of product and service providers as conference partners. Those partners are known for delivering outstanding service to large provider organizations, as they transition into a value-based future.

To inquire about partnership availability, please contact: Chris Babbidge at (203) 644-1725

“Having attended 13 LTC 100 conferences representing several different sponsor companies, I can't recommend LTC 100 highly enough to companies who've never sponsored/attended before. Before I accepted my position at my new company I even negotiated attending LTC 100 as part of my package.”

Jeri Lynn Berg ,Senior Vice President of Sales, VirtuSense

“I was incredibly impressed with discussions and the range of experience and insight. I loved the way the panels were managed and loved the opportunity to hear the experts defend and explain their positions. Provided a ton of meaningful insight.”

Greg Seiple, VP Informatics, Strategic Healthcare Programs (SHP)

“I'm so impressed with the focus on the business of long term care. From sharing best practices, to networking with providers, LTC 100 is definitely my favorite conference to find out the latest and greatest happenings from the front lines.”

Mark Lamb, Chief Investment Officer, CareTrust REIT

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