How COVID will Permanently Change the SNF Business Model

Wednesday, June 10 | 4:00 - 5:15 pm EDT | Register

As we transition out of the immediate COVID crisis, there are indications that the SNF business model will permanently change. In our first monthly Think Tank, LTC 100 will present our findings from a research project to decipher the dislocations affecting all aspects of healthcare, predict what they mean for SNFs, and advise what forward-thinking SNFs can do to defend and to create opportunity out of this crisis. Here are the dislocations:

- Consumers’ new preference for care at home and telehealth

- The high cost and challenges of treating COVID patients over the coming 12-24 months

- Downstream effects of changed business models of hospitals, physician groups and MA plans

- Changes coming to Medicare, Medicaid, and value-based care initiatives

- Changing healthcare regulations

- Greater consumer fears of SNFs

- High unemployment

Panelists To Be Announced

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